The Welsh Government are supporting young learners aged between 16-24 years of age through intensive training to put them on the pathway to becoming an apprentice. This means that a group of young people, pre-trained and with a track record of turning up on time, are now ready to become apprentices. Participants will follow a one year full time intensive FE learning programme, during which they will achieve a level 2 vocational qualification from within an apprenticeship framework which includes associated essential skills and other relevant accredited vocational qualifications so that they will be eligible for accelerated completion of an apprenticeship with an employer.

There are three easy steps to taking on an apprentice:

  1. Let us know about your vacancy by contacting Sarah Horsfall (Group Training Officer) or Kevin Harris (CITB-ConstructionSkills)
  2. From our books, we will identify apprentices that we think will meet your requirements
  3. You hold interviews with the apprentices who make the shortlist and choose who you wish to take on

Your Apprenticeship Officers are Danny Thomas ( and Julie Donoghue (